3 June 2016


Mr Zebre is already a well-known player on sound system scene, whom working is rooted in European coutries as well as Mexico and Peru. One of his recent releases is another one in French Rootical Attack label. On the A side in “I Love Jah” we hear soundsystem old sweat El Fata, whom voice adds a meditative atmosphere to this heavy riddim. We get also a dub version, where meditation is enhancing as the music goes deeper and heavier. And the third version with added melodica raises us to the highest level of musical contemplation. On the B side Mr Zebre presents us the history of Indian Yamasee, who were fighting with English and Spanish colonizers in the XVII and XVIII century. He pays tribute to them in the best, heavyweight style, sending our body and mind into Indian world.

Written by Dubmassive.org

Winter sales

  26 January 2016


Winter sales are active since January 8th, 2016 and will be until February 8th, 2016. With discounts up to 20%, stock reduces fastly. Hurry up !

Feeding with bassline #26

  26 January 2016

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Emana sound is a collective organising solidarity based dances. We have been invited to play on their system, alonside with Reservoir Dubs from Brussels at Fedding with Basslin #26. Admission is also solidarity based (Food, clothes, school stationary…) and will be put in charities.
For this 26th dance, Rootical Attack is gonna bring heavy and dirty stepper sound.


  4 November 2015

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Festive Season is coming quickly and you never know what to offer ? Why not some Rootical Attack Records to awaken the warrior that lies in you ! Plus, you get a 25% discount on any order from November 5th to December 15th. Simply add the promo code BEST_WISHES right before going to checkout. You’re in for a treat !

Best wishes from the Rootical Attack Team


  30 October 2015


Saturday, October, the 26th, we’ll be playing in Le Teil alongside Treuzz Bass Sound and Bass Explorer Hi-fi, coming with their own systems, for one hell of a Dub Unity. Ras Divarius will be there playing live violin and Tozer inna Live act dub. Brace yourself, earthquake is coming !

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